Turnford made their way to Hatfield University to face The Downs from Surrey in their second National League game. The excitement of winning their first game put them in good stead to face their second challenge and after the first quarter Turnford led 11-5. Coach Ann-Marie Muller was keen to keep the consistency of play and made no changes for the second quarter. This was obviously the correct decision as Turnford led at half time 20-12, but a stiff talk from The Down’s coach brought on an energised team who set about dismantling Turnford’s set play and after the third quarter a shocked Turnford were only leading by two goals. Despite efforts to re-establish themselves, Turnford could not reverse the trend of the experienced opposition and The Down’s took the game by one goal 34-35.

The squad consisted of: Rachel Oliphant, Natalie Richardson, Danielle Titmuss, Stephanie Burke, Adele Cole, Jasmine Hatherly, Bobbi Simmonds, Natalie Oliphant, Rachel Jakeman and Sarah Davis