Carole Titmuss and Cathy Williams, along with ten Turnford tourists made their way to Heathrow in the early hours of Monday morning 29th October. Their aim was to play the Maltese sides of the highest calibre, culminating in a match against the Maltese National side.
This Turnford side was a source to be reckoned with and their first match against Maltese first division squad Strikers resulted in a comfortable win for Turnford 46:14.

The following day was Halloween and Turnford visited the majestic and rustic Popeye Village which is home to the 1980 Popeye Live Action Movie. Constructed solely for shooting the Jules Feiffer adaption of E C Segarโ€™s classic one-eyed sailor. The village became Popeyeโ€™s Haunted Village due to it being Halloween and there truly was not a haunted attraction scarier. The girls and officials had a fun scary evening.

The next match for Turnford was against another of Maltaโ€™s first division squad Kizers, but again the strong side of Turnford proved no match and Turnford ran out winners 46:24.Turnford continued their tour the following day by visiting the largest shopping mall on Malta. A few souvenirs were purchased. Friday was spent at the Golden Bay resort where the girls enjoyed 80 degree heat riding the waves on a banana
boat. On day five the final game was against a squad that consisted of some of Maltese national players. Turnford were apprehensive but excited. The Maltese side were a lot more aggressive than the Turnford side, but skill wise they were no match. At half time the score lay at 33:15. All nine players were able to take court and the final score was 56:30. A result Turnford are rightly proud of.