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Anything The Seniors Can Do….The Juniors Can Do Too


In my earlier Super Sunday Post I promised a more detailed report on the Thurrock Junior Tournament. So here it is…

“A team with a star player is a good team, a team without one is a great team…”

On Sunday Six Turnford teams from U10 to U16 participated in the Thurrock Junior Tournament – winning in an outstanding FIVE age groups. How did this happen? No superstars – teams of great players, working together, having fun and believing they can win.


This was the first U10 tournament the squad had attended and it looks like Turnford will have another age group to be reckoned with. They took the matches Manor U10 2-2, Poole U10 won 4-0, Bears U10 won 15-0, Flames U11 0-0 Manor U11 won 3-2. This was a round robin and Turnford U10 were overall CHAMPIONS.

Squad: Lili Andrews, Tilly Barnard, Ellie lane, player of the tournament Mia Hannington, Georgie woods, Bobbi Bell, Ella March, Amber Clark, Libby Hicks



The u11s took to the court in fine form with a convincing victory, 12-0 over Poole Rubies in their first game. Their tough defence, quick attacking play and determination to win resulted in further victories over Bears, 18-0, Brookshaw, 13-0, Flames 16-0, and Manor 9-0. Their final game was against Poole Gems and once again Turnford were unstoppable with numerous turnovers in defence and excellent shooting from Abbie Hockney, Zoe Wood and Bella Baylis, converting their shooting opportunities to win the game 12-0. Again this was a round robin tournament and Turnford U11s were the overall CHAMPIONS and did not concede a single goal all day.

Players of the tournament were Sophie Lennon for fantastic defence and Hannah Parkinson for her excellent vision into the shooting circle. Squad: Zoe Wood, Abbie Hockney, Bella Baylis, Hannah Parkinson, Emily Squires, Neave Wilson, Sophie Lennon, Mia Andrews, Peace Akinyemi

This talented young squad continue in their fight to slay all before them. They work hard, encouraging each other with every pass or intercept. In their group stages the strong defence of Jasmine Harvey-Stone, Maddie March, Frankie Baylis and Laura Dynia allowed only 7 goals against them beating Brentwood 8-2, New Campbell 14-1, Poole Emeralds 10-1, Flames 3-1, ASCO 14-1, Essex Open Blue 7-1. These turnarounds allowed the speed of the centre court of Megan Thomas, Katherine Wingfield and Courtney Ferns to pass well into the the attacking circle allowing the shooters to convert the many opportunities. This put them through to the semi finals
where they met up with Essex Open A but once again the squad focused and fought hard to take the match 8:1. They met up with Manor in the final and they had to dig deep to stay in front. Excellent centre court play from Wingfield helped them to gain a 6:4 win.


The U14s saw a mixed day, flashes of brilliance mixed with unforced errors but dug deep when it really mattered to win.
First game ended with a good win despite far too many unforced errors. Good wins in next two games, getting into their game but not really tested. They beat Norfolk 9-4 Civil service 16-0, Bears 11-1.

Essex Open prove much tougher opposition. Turnford took a good lead but a change by Essex at half time put the pressure on and forced the errors from us. They took the match 6:5. A great performance v Asco, knowing that only a win would do to get through; The team grew into the game and got stronger and more confident as the match went on.
The Semi v Manor saw far too many unforced errors in the first half but a hugely characterful turnaround to pull back a 4 goal deficit to take the game to golden goal and seal the win.

The Final was another meeting with Essex Open, a scrappy but well contested end to end match with our girls edging a 4:3 win. Immense performances from Lucy Millbery at GK and insightful consistency from Evie Herrick at WA made them players of the day. The squad consisted of Emily Sabatino, Andriana Robinson, Evie Herrick, Katie Harris, Nikki Skinner, Queenie Pearce, Busola Femi-Gureje and Lucy Mulberry


The U16s took this tournament as a warm up to their pending nationals in November and albeit they were missing shooter Georgina Fisher who was in Hartlepool with the national squad, Jasmine Bowman and Esme Scott Hewitt recovering from injuries. They none the less proved a fource to be reckoned with working hard to gain wins in their rounds against Norfolk 14:7, Manor 12:1, Essex Open 7-6, ASCO 15:2, Brentwood 12-1, Crosskeys 8-6 and Civil Service 14:0.

The team met with Conquerors in the semi finals taking the match 7:5 Allowing the squad to meet once again with Crosskeys in the finals. This time the Turnford squad were ready to take on the 6ft shooter and the excellent defending of Niamh Burns, Abi Hackett and Abi Berry made many turnarounds allowing the centre court of Rebecca Palmer, Izzy Stibbs to feed well into the shooters. Players of the match were Georgia Satwick and Emily Carrington and Turnford took the final 9:3.
Squad: Emily Carrington, Charlotte Boyle, Georgia Satwick, Rebecca Palmer, Izzy Stibbs, Abi Berry, Abi Hackett and Niamh Burns.

Super Sunday – Turnford Juniors & Seniors Deliver Wins (& Europe Win The Ryder Cup!!!)


Sunday 28th September 2014. Big news of the day is Europe delivering a killer blow to the USA and winning the Ryder Cup 16 1/2 – 11 1/2. Final day at the Ryder Cup is really the only day I watch Golf on the TV, but Sunday I kept myself updated via Twitter as we had bigger fish to fry! Turnford’s National Premier League 1 team were up before it was light to travel 5 hours to play Oaksway in their second match of the season. Then there were all of us mums and dads of the Turnford Junior Section – up early too, preparing for the Thurrock Junior Tournament.

Turnford 42 v Oaksway 41 – And it’s 2 Wins from 2 Matches in National Premier 1 League

Round two of this prestigious league loomed on Sunday and Turnford made the five hour trek to Hartlepool feeling strong on the back of winning their first ever match in this league. Match two proved to be an extremely exciting match. The physicality of the match was a new aspect for the Turnford squad but they had not travelled all that way without exercising a hard fought battle to bring home the win.

The squad of 10 once again proved their strength in depth with all players taking part. The first half saw great defending from Hayley Mackeller and player of the match Bea Skingsley working well together with the centre court play of Captain Kathryn Titmuss and Claire Drakeford feeding well into the shooters Lottie Morrison and Georgina Fisher. With the speed of the ball from the Oaksway side, Turnford worked hard to keep with the pace but the opposition led by 33:31 at the midpoint. Coach Danielle Titmuss made changes and WD (Sarah Davies) was replaced by Kathryn Titmuss and Sophie Carter took the Centre
position with Holly Sims replacing Morrison in the shooting circle. Meg Clark fitted well into the defending circle replacing Mackeller. With hard work and determination, the next two quarters were Turnford’s and they were very proud to have taken the win 42:41.

Juniors Continue The Black and Yellow Success – Wins for U10, U11, U13, U14 and U16 Squads

Sunday was also the day of the annual Thurrock Junior Tournament and the black and yellow of the Turnford family was everywhere with squads from 7 different age groups from U10 to U16. All of the squads had a fantastic day and the coaches were incredibly proud of all the girls competing. Turnford won the tournament in an outstanding 5 out of 7 age categories – demonstrating the depth of talent in the club. A full report will come so look out for that blog post soon. As you can see from the picture – the girls were very happy with their day – blacknyellow blacknyellow!!!


Hard Work Pays Off! – Turnford’s George Fisher On England Netball’s U19 Tour To Botswana


Author: George Fisher, Turnford U16

I was so excited to be selected for the U19s England tour in August of this year. We were travelling to Botswana and were due to play the Botswana senior squad, ranked 16th in the world, U20s national squad and Namibia’s national squad.

The team met at Heathrow on 5th August where we received our tour schedules and target stats for the tour. We got a plane to Johannesburg, which was delayed for a couple of hours and then after a sprint finish just made it to our internal flight to Gaborone which is the capital of Botswana, that’s where we stayed at the Oasis Motel. planeshot The total journey took about 14 hours. The motel had a swimming pool but it was so cold we used it as an ice bath/recovery after training and matches!!

Unfortunately Namibia had not been able to come to play us so all of our matches would be against Senior and U20 Botswanan squads.

Days 1-4 Our first two days were spent traveling, resting, stretching and strengthening, there was no jetlag as they are only one hour ahead of us. We had two training sessions on day three and went to visit Mokolodi nature reserve safari park in the morning of day four before another training session. We saw giraffes, antelopes, hippos and baboons, it was really good.


Day 5 – We completed our training session outside on a Botswanan style court before travelling to the Otse Police training college to play our first match v Botswana under 20s. The supporters sat about two feet behind the goals and were very loud and enthusiastic singing and cheering. We won 71-16 and I took to court in second half as GA with Alice Travis as GS. At the end of the match the Botswanan supporters came onto the court and sang and danced with us to celebrate the win.

Day 6 – We played Botswana seniors who were a much stronger opposition and I took to court for the second half of the match as GA. We took the win 42-35.

Days 7&8 – We played the senior squad again both days, this time on outdoor courts and won 53-37 & 42-34. I was starting 7 in the first match and came on at half time in the second as we were only winning by one goal at half time. chalkshotThey keep score using chalk marks on the floor!! The sun was shining and it was so hot they gave us umbrellas to sit under. umbrellashot

Day 9 -In the morning we were invited to play deaf netball at the British High Commissioner’s house. This was one of the best days as we were not allowed to talk or make noises at all on court and all penalties etc are signalled by red flags being waved by the umpires. In the evening we played the U20s squad again and won 70-22.

Day 10 – This was the final day of match play at the National stadium where we played U20s. We all played in our second positions it was good fun and we took the win 53-27. It was a great way to end our tour. Six out of six wins!! Undefeated!! That evening our hotel put on a Braai (what they call a BBQ locally) for us the food was delicious and there was lots of it.

I took to court on all six matches and have gained 12 international caps this year! Three for U17s and 9 for U19s.

The local people and supporters were amazing singing throughout our warm ups and matches. They would turn up at our hotel and start taking pictures of us, this made us feel like celebrities! We left to travel home on day 10 and arrived back in England on 15th August.

It was an amazing experience, shared with a fantastic group of girls, something that I will never forget and has made me determined to get selected for many more tours in the future!

Hard work pays off!!

George x

Junior Season Kicks Off With Success At Notts Tourney


The junior season each year always opens with a much anticipated trip to the Nottingham Junior Tournament and the 2014/15 season is no exception. Turnford took U11s, U12s, U13s, U14s and U15s to the annual Nottingham tournament last weekend and were delighted to return home having obtained silverware in two age groups.


The U12s played well but had to contend with fourth position with the U14s gaining third place and the U15 reaching the Cup section of the draw.

It was an impressive start to the weekend for the U11s with a victory over Northern rivals Oldham, 6-3. The U11s played some excellent netball on the first day, and with fantastic defence from Sophie Lennon and Mia Andrews, no other team was able to score against them.

The girls went into the second day with a huge goal difference advantage and again faced Oldham first thing. The game was much tighter, with Oldham leading at half time. Changes in defence and some sharper attacking play from Turnford meant again they came out on top 5-4. They secured victories over Ribble Valley 13-0, Nottingham City, 19-0, Oaksway 15-0, Parkside, 13-0 and Durham 14-0 to take first place.

Squad: Zoe Wood, Abbie Hockney, Bella Baylis, Hannah Parkinson, Emily Squires, Tianna Quartey, Neave Wilson, Mia Andrews, Sophie Lennon and Peace Akinyemi.

The U13 squad played seven matches on the first day. The first match was against Oldham and as hard as Turnford fought, Oldham took the game 8:6. The rest of the day was plain sailing for this talented side with Turnford’s focus and determination and excellent defending from Jasmine Harvey-Stone, Maddie March and Frankie Baylis making many turnarounds, they had convincing wins against Poole 6:1, Parkside 8:0, Barr Beacon 15:0. Ribble Valley 7:2, Durham 13:0 and Trafford 5:4. This put the squad in the cup section on the following day.

This tournament is indeed one of the strongest in the country with the very best clubs taking part. The first match against the tough Northern side Bury was taken by Turnford 7:5. With considerable intensity from the centre court of Courtney Ferns, Katherine Wingfield and Megan Thomas, they fed well into shooters, Sienna Rushton and Evie Pringle, allowing them to convert the opportunities given and Turnford took the following matches against Essex 7:2, Brentwood 10:4, Crosskeys 12:1 Trafford 7:3 and a very pleasing draw against Oldham 6:6. Sadly the the final match against Tameside, albeit with a demonstration of feisty and determined play from Turnford throughout the court, Tameside took the game 8:7 and Turnford had to be content with the runner up position.

Congratulations and well done to all participating teams. Here’s to a fantastic season!

Pic shows U11 and U13 squads

Throw Back Thursday – Remembering U16 Nationals 2014


U16 Nationals Squad
Turnford Netball Club once again showed why they are one of the top teams in the country after finishing an incredible 6th place at this years U16 National Club Championships held in Redbridge.

Turnford U16s were unbeaten on Day One, with victories over Novos 63-10, Sutton Royals 32-25, Poole 41-33, and Chevrons 43 -11 which guaranteed them a place in the top 6 in England.

Turnford had two group games on Day 2 to reach the finals which they narrowly lost to Weston Park Blades and Leeds this put them through to the 5th/6th play offs.

Turnford found themselves up against Tameside who were representing the North West of England,Turnford showed amazing skill and ability against a strong Tameside squad but had to settle with the 6th place spot.

Turnford U16s season has been an amazing one once again, County Runners up followed by Regional Champions and now 6th best team in England, definitely another year to remember.

Squad members were Chloe Piper, Becki Freestone Aimee Hatley, Megan Pryde, Phoebe Gillen, Olivia Eastwood – Gray, Natasha Powala, George Fisher, Georgia Satwick and Esme Scott-Hewitt

Players player of the tournament went to Olivia Eastwood-Gray.

Pre-Season Tournament Win Gets Turnford Off To Flying Start


SAS Tournament WinnersOur senior team made a super start to the new season, sweeping aside all opposition to win the SAS tournament in Welwyn Garden City. The team was victorious in all 10 of its matches.

Fielding a combination of the national and regional squads, Turnford quickly registered victories over MK Netters (11-3), Nomads (17-7), CD Phoenix (9-4), Billericay (9-5). There was some great defending and turnarounds made by Bea Skingsley, Sarah Davis, Megan Clark and Frankie Wilde, while up front Anne-Marie Dwyer, Holly Sims and Georgina Fisher were slotting them in one after another.

These results put Turnford in the cup section and our great form continued as the centre court of Rachel Jakeman, Georgia Satwick and Clare Drakeford all shone to help secure wins over Minchedon (11-5), Comberton (12-6) and Ipswich (9-4).

In the quarter-finals Turnford overcame Norfolk United 10-8 in a close battle, but the semi proved easier as the black and yellows sailed past Sussex Thunder 13-4.

The final against Worcester Reds, who Turnford had beaten to gain their place in the Premier League One, proved a real test of character.

However, Turnford were always in control, and edged to victory 9-6 to show exactly why they are one of the top 10 clubs in the country.

The winning squad consisted of Rachel Jakeman, Frankie Wilde, Anne-Marie Dwyer, Georgina Fisher, Georgia Satwick, Clare Drakeford, Holly Sims, Sarah Davis, Bea Skingsley and Megan Clark.