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Recognition for Turnford Head Coach Carole Titmuss


carole Since taking over the job of blogging on the Turnford site I have been incredibly lucky to have had a huge amount of success from the Turnford teams to be able to write about – making my job incredibly easy. Behind the success of our amazing ladies are a huge number of fantastic volunteers, umpires and coaches who work tirelessly for the club. Leading the charge is our formidable Head Coach Carole Titmuss and we are delighted that she was once again recognised for her service to Netball at the recent Hertfordshire Netball Awards Ceremony.

Awarded for her exceptional contribution to netball, it was stated that Carole has been the key driving force behind the success and growth of Turnford NC from a grassroots level to a high performance club – with a squad now competing in Division 1 of the National Premier League.

An integral part of Carole’s legacy is the volunteering programme she created and implemented at TNC – this programme ensures we can facilitate quality coaching consistently to all the athletes (278) that we have at the club. On this programme Carole mentors Turnford’s young players to become future coaches and umpires by working alongside and supporting the youngsters at their weekly training sessions (Wednesday and Thursdays) and games (Saturdays and Sundays). These young coaches and umpires will support lead coaches and umpire at tournaments and weekend fixtures. Carole is also instrumental in guiding young aspiring officials onto the England Netball Youth Advisory Group.


In addition, Carole has also put into place club/school links that never previously existed and a strong High Performance Club development programme that is proven in its methodology and the results. These links continue to support and grow the foundations of their athlete base, and our high performance club programme further assists these athletes development.

Its important to note that whilst being Head Coach at Turnford, Carole has produced in excess of 24 athletes through to England representation not forgetting the huge number of athletes Turnford regularly feeds into County, Regional, NPL and SuperLeague. Carole’s U14 and U16 squads have always finished in the top 10 Nationally and she will regularly multi task running 3 squads across junior and senior teams. Paralleled with this, Carole also oversees the disability coaching programme which is run in conjunction with some local schools to make the sport accessible to all.

Carole is the driving force behind Turnford achieving the Gold Caps award and also receiving the Queens Award for Service to Sport in 2010 – she would spend hours collecting and organizing all the evidence needed to support the Awards. At present Carole is also Equity & Safeguarding Officer which she has been doing since about 2005. Since 2014 she has taken on the role of Chair of the Coaching TSG. She was also a County coach in the days of county competition and an academy coach.

There is not a single player, parent or coach at Turnford (and I suspect at any club team nationally) that does not know Carole. In addition to her endless enthusiasm for her own squads she is also ever present at every netballing event Turnford participates in. Always ready to give guidance to any player sporting the black and yellow – be they 8 years old and starting out, or one of her many representative level senior players. Her energy and enthusiasm knows no limits – she regularly is out coaching netball or taking squads all over the country day in day out and she is a major asset to the netball community not only locally, but also for the region. Carole is incredibly passionate about netball and the relentless efforts she pours into netball is infectious to those around her, who she continues to inspire.

At the awards ceremony, Carole stated she was pleased to be recognised for this award but said her commitment was for the love of netball. Carole will now represent Hertfordshire at the National Goalden Globe Awards ceremony in September.

Before ending this post I wanted to add a personal note. As a parent of a child in one of Carole’s squads I see the dedication and time commitment she puts in day in day out and its incredible. But its not just about putting in the hours and being present. Every one of the girls in her squads knows that they are cared for as individuals as well as part of the team, and if they listen to her guidance and work hard, they will become the players they want to be. There is nothing they wouldn’t do to make her proud and that is the mark of a great leader! They also love that she’s just a tiny bit crazy and loves to have fun with them!! Turnford, Hertfordshire and Netball in general is very lucky and we are pretty sure she will never be allowed to retire!

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Spotlight on the Coach: Dannii Titmuss


We are keeping it in the family with our second ‘Spotlight on The Coach.’ Not that the Titmuss girls are at all competitive but after the success of Kat’s post we needed to see who could get more hits – so its time to bring Dannii Titmuss under the spotlight. For those of you who did not read Kat’s post (don’t own up or you’ll be running sprints for the rest of your life), this segment is where we find out a little more about all much loved coaches – to find out what makes them tick and why they devote so much time to this beautiful game.

Feel free to ask more questions in the comments section and I’ll make sure they answer them.

Dannii T


Name & Age: Dannii Titmuss, 33

Current Teams Play For: Social Netball League player for Team “Awkward”

Teams I Coach: Turnford National Prem. 1 Squad, Turnford Regional Squad, L&SE North Regional Academy, Barking Abbey School Netball Academy

Teams I Support: Turnford (obviously!) Mavericks, and the mighty mighty Arsenal!

Coaching/umpiring qualifications: UKCC Level 3 Netball Coach, UKCC Level 2 Netball Tutor, UKCC Level 2 Netball Assessor, England Netball High 5 Tutor, Young Umpire Award Tutor, Technical Skills Workshop Tutor, Talent ID Tutor, England Netball Scouting Workshop Tutor, C Award Netball Umpire (editor’s note: WOW thats a lot!)

Turnford V New Cambell - October 2014
Q & A:

1)What’s the most interesting place you’ve played netball or trained?
When I was the Regional Excel Coach for the East, there was confusion over a booking, we’d turned up for a training session on 21st of Dec but the venue had closed for Christmas – instead of everyone just going home we ended up completing the session on a bit of grass, an empty car park and the outside wall of the hall. The session was surprisingly productive and the girls managed to work up quite a sweat. I think this shows if you’re willing and wanting to train, there’s always a way.

2)Who is easier to coach – adults, teenagers or young children?
Teenagers or adults definitely! I’ve tried to coach younger age groups and anything below U14 I find really tough! The type of energy you need for working with young adults to smaller kids is completely different. Working with U19 adults, for me, is much more enjoyable, as they can perform at a higher level and can grasp a more in-depth understanding of the game.

3)What’s the most important netballing skill you look for in a baller?
Understand the game, understand how to play pretty much any invasion game – if you can outwit people with your brain you’re already halfway there.

4)What’s the most important non-netball skill you look for in a baller?
How fearless are they? Are they prepared to put their body on the line for that intercept? Can they continue to go, and go and go again – regardless of the score line? I also like athletes who are competitive and willing to learn new things, take risks, and try something different.

5)Tell us your best personal netballing memory?
It would be one of the tours I’ve been on. I’ve been very fortunate to go on several with Turnford, my school team (Broxbourne), and when at Uni (Brunel). The best would probably be St Lucia as we got to participate in the Caribbean Cup and compete against several Caribbean teams. Such a great learning experience and it was also such a beautiful place to visit.

My Girls

6) What’s your best memory as a coach?
I have lots – but definitely my time coaching in Australia has provided me with some amazing memories. Coaching the Sydney Uni State League team to win the league and the grand final in 2013, achieving promotion and making finals again in the following season was pretty awesome. Getting to work alongside ex-Diamond athlete Mo’onia Gerrard and coaching the U14 City of Sydney Rep team in the State Champs (equivalent to U14 Club Nationals) and winning would also be up there.

7)What was the last thing your team or one of your players did that made you smile?
My teams always make me smile. Most recently winning the invitational NPL tournament with Barking Abbey was pretty cool – especially as the girls were very new to each other and we didn’t expect to play so strong.

8)Tell us something your team don’t know about you?
I was Hoddesdon Mini Miss 1992. (Editors Note: this is my favourite answer of all time!)

9)What was the most important thing one of your coaches taught you?
I was fortunate to work closely with Jo Webb (former England U19 coach) for 3 years, I learnt so much from her – the biggest learning was: the expectations you have of your athletes, they will most likely meet – so raise the bar of what you expect, push them harder than you think they can go.

10) Who was your favourite coach and why?
From when I was a player it would have been my mum, she was brutally tough on me but she’d never lie. I’d always know if she thought I’d had a bad game, but also when she said I’d had a good performance I knew she meant it. As a coach, my favourite coach would be Karen Atkinson, I was the Assistant Mavericks Youth Coach when she was Mavericks Superleague Head Coach – she has such a great understanding of the game, both technically and tactically, yet she made everything seem so simple. Karen was also great at making every player feel valued in the squad – I learnt a lot from her and she definitely influenced my coaching style.

11) What does it take to be a great baller?
Obviously to have an understanding of the game and to have good netball skills (such as ball handling, movement). To be able to perform those skills well under pressure, and to be able to perform them under pressure repeatedly.

12) If we asked your team what was the one thing you tell them again and again what would it be?
It would probably be “and again… and again… just once more…”

13) If we asked your team what you are like as a coach – what do you hope they would say?
I’d hope they’d say I pushed them to enable them to achieve their potential. Firm but fair.

14) And what do you think they would actually say?
Please stop singing and dancing, you’re not cool.

15) Who is your netballing (or general) inspiration?
There are many people that inspire me – I’m fortunate to be surround by a lots of positive, strong, female role models, especially within the netball world. However my biggest inspiration would be my mum. I can’t believe how much one woman can achieve – she really does do it all. Not just the amount of effort she puts into the netball (which is huge) and running her own business but also how much she does for us all as a family, she’s incredibly kind and incredibly generous. I definitely wouldn’t have be able to take the risks I have and pursue my coaching career without the support and encouragement from her. She’s taught me anything is possible if you work hard enough for it.

Terrific Turnout for Turnford U16 Tournament


turn u16

Just over a week ago, on a beautiful sunny Saturday, Turnford staged its annual U16 tournament at Wormley Playing Fields. A total of 65 teams took part from as far afield as Durham in the North and Poole from the South as well as local clubs including Hertford Hornets, Cheshunt, Asco and AbbeyFlyers – this was one of the largest entries that Turnford has ever witnessed in these age groups (U13-U16).

It was a fabulous day for all involved with some absolutely amazing netball played. The club is rightly proud of the day it put on and we hope every club that joined us enjoyed the competition. We look forward to welcoming them all back next year.

Below is the report of the Turnford teams coachessuccess from Head Coach Carole Titmuss. As coach of both the U13 and U16 teams, she had a busy day but was hopeful of success from both of her very talented and hard working squads. As usual they did not fail to deliver:

The U16s were mixed with U15s and Turnford’s U16s showed just why they had taken third spot in the U16 National Club Finals recently. They are indeed a talented bunch taking wins from Henley 11:2, Woodley 13:7, Brookshaw Stuart 18:2, Saffron Hawks 15:1, Abbey Flyers 19:0 and Western Park 15:8. This put them comfortably through to the semi-finals where they faced their own U16B squad. The A squad took the game 15:1.

The final meant a rematch with Henley. This time Henley were determined to give Turnford a good match and at half time the score lay at 5:4. Turnford had to show what they were made of, and perform they did. They did not allow Henley another look at goal as the defence of Zara Everitt, Rebecca Palmer and Izzy Stibbs demonstrated their pedegree. This, coupled with the excellent shooting of Georgina Fisher and Emily Carrington, fed well from the centre court of Georgia Satwick and Jasmine Bowman, meant they lifted the cup 12:4. An excellent display of skilled netball.


The U13s were rightly determined to win their home tournament and displayed that determination and talent all day, brushing aside all competition to end the day unbeaten. Through the rounds they took wins against Durham 11:0, Asco 14:0, Woodley 7:2, Surrey 21:0, Watford Premier 9:3, Hornets 7:2 and Brentwood 12:2. This showed the excellent defence of Jasmine Harvey-Stone , Maddie March, Frankie Baylis and Freya Keohane allowing only 9 goals past them.

This took them through to the Quarter Finals where they met with Weston Park Blades. The shooters Evie Pringle and Sienna Rushton were on form, slotting them in one after the other and with a score of 10:4 they sailed through to the semi Finals meeting with Poole N.C. from Dorset. Here particular mention must be made of the centre court of Katherine Wingfield, Courtney Ferns and Megan Thomas, linking well with defence through to the shooting circle. They worked tirelessly with intensity, not taking their foot of the pedal once and they took the game 8:2.

Going through to the Final, they met with MK Netters from Bedfordshire and this Turnford side were not going to allow any team to spoil their day. Every player played their part in what can only be described as a magnificent array of skilful and mature netball. Giving all spectators a show worthy of watching, The U13 Turnford side lifted the winners cup 11:6.

We’d like to take this opportunity to also thank all of the coaches, committee members, umpires and parents who were up at the crack of dawn setting up BBQs, gazebos and banners, and then those who during the day ran the BBQ, the cake stall, the raffle and the Crazy Catch Comp. We know it ‘takes a village’ and we thank every single one of you!

See you all next year!

Terrific Turnford Triumph At Tegate Tournament



OK – I admit it – the headline is a little cheesy but who doesn’t like a bit of alliteration – particularly when overcome with excitement at another fabulous performance by the club’s juniors.

The Tegate Junior tournament is always a great day’s competition and it didn’t fail to deliver two weekends ago.

Turnford was represented at Tegate by the U11A, U11B, U12, U13A and U13B teams. All of the teams had a fantastic day:

The U12s won their age group convincingly (report to come).
The U11As had a successful day but had to be content with the runners up trophies after a tense final.
The U11Bs had a fantastic run making it to the semi final and only losing by 1 goal to the eventual tournament winners.
The U13Bs also played great netball all day and only narrowly lost out on a semi final place.

The U13As were a force to be reckoned with. They brushed aside all that was presented before them. With excellent shooting accuracy from Sienna Rushton and Evie Pringle, through the round stages, a magnificent 54 goals were scored. Particular mention must be made of the tight defending of Jasmine Harvey-Stone, Maddie March, and Frankie Baylis, allowing only 7 goals past them. They beat Asco 13:1, Crosskeys 12:1, Norfolk 6:1, Braintree B 12:0, Flames 7:2 and Essex 4:2.

This put them comfortably through to the semi finals where they met with Braintree A. The mature centre court link of Katherine Wingfield, Laura Dynia, Freya Keohane and Courtney Ferns, fed well into the circle for the shooters to continue to slot them in and take themselves to the finals winning 8:1. The squad was now breezing into their flow of confidence and every player played their part in a magnificent display of impressive netball and emerged victorious taking the winners cup 13:4.

I think you can tell from the photo – they were pretty pleased!