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Turnford’s Roses Bloom


A couple of years ago Turnford (thanks to input from Netballing Dad Adam Fisher) developed a new motto for the club – words that our players and coaches live by. That motto starts with WIN – but actually – its not all about winning (although we love that too!). It stands for this:

Work Hard with Intensity and Never give up.

All players demonstrate this attitude week in and week out as they put in the hours necessary to be the best they can be, at the game they love, for the good of their team. They all know that the hard work pays off. And this week we’ve seen it demonstrated more clearly than ever with the selection of 3 of our young players and one of our coaches for the England U21 WNYC squad and U19 New Zealand touring squad. We are so incredibly proud of this entire bunch who are fantastic role models for everyone in the club.

World Netball Youth Cup – England U21

George Fisher (18)

U19 England touring to New Zealand
Zara Everitt (17)
Sienna Rushton (15)
Danielle Titmuss (Coach)

Head Coach, Carole Titmuss had this to say: “We are so incredibly proud of George, Sienna and Zara in being selected for the Squad – not only do the girls have much talent, but this has also been achieved by hard work and dedication. It is a particular point of pride for me that Danielle Titmuss will be on the coaching team. She has been part of Turnford from a young age and is definitely one of our success stories.”

Join us in wishing these girls all the best for this summers matches in the red dress. These young Roses are the pride of Turnford

Farewell Maureen


As many of you know we recently lost the founder of our club, Maureen Ball. Maureen was the heartbeat of this club. An omni-present force known by all members from the very youngest to our seniors – many of whom have known Maureen for their entire netball career.

Maureen was known to everyone because she lived and breathed Turnford Netball Club. Maureen could be found at Wormley watching our seniors every Monday and Tuesday night and our many many juniors Thursday and Saturdays. Always encouraging and doing her best to watch as many matches as possible. Her stamina and passion was awe-inspiring.

She was also incredibly proud of the fact that Turnford had made it to the highest levels of national club netball and watched all of the Prem team’s home matches.

This is how the younger members of Turnford remember Maureen – as the lovely lady that watched all of their matches. But of course she was so much more and we wanted to take this time to share with you some of her many achievements:

Maureen founded Turnford in 1967 – a club that has grown to over 300 members

In 1970 she formed the Turnford Summer Netball League.

In 1975 Maureen Formed The Turnford Junior Summer League.

In 1979-1982 Maureen Was Appointed Hertfordshire’s U18 County Coach.

In 1980 Maureen Formed The Turnford Winter League.

In 1981 Maureen Formed The Broxbourne And District Netball League

In 2000 Maureen Formed The ‘Back To Netball’ Sessions Having Successfully Applied For A Millennium Grant.

Maureen with the help of her committee, progressed the High 5 Turnford Junior League (For Both Boys And Girls Between The Ages Of 8 To 11) from just 5 teams to 81 teams this year – giving more young people the chance to play sport.

Turnford Head Coach, Carole Titmuss had this to say: Turnford has an extremely strong committee that has been headed by Maureen for a number of years. She has instilled in us a great sense of dedication and pride. I truly believe that it why Turnford is such a strong and committed club. It is without doubt Maureens legacy will live on.”

We will say farewell to Maureen tomorrow at Woollensbrook crematorium at 12 noon. All Turnford members are asked to wear Black and Yellow.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone that has reached out to offer their condolences. The outpouring of love for Maureen is proof positive of the impact she had during her life and how much she meant to the netball community.