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Recognition for Turnford Head Coach Carole Titmuss


carole Since taking over the job of blogging on the Turnford site I have been incredibly lucky to have had a huge amount of success from the Turnford teams to be able to write about – making my job incredibly easy. Behind the success of our amazing ladies are a huge number of fantastic volunteers, umpires and coaches who work tirelessly for the club. Leading the charge is our formidable Head Coach Carole Titmuss and we are delighted that she was once again recognised for her service to Netball at the recent Hertfordshire Netball Awards Ceremony.

Awarded for her exceptional contribution to netball, it was stated that Carole has been the key driving force behind the success and growth of Turnford NC from a grassroots level to a high performance club – with a squad now competing in Division 1 of the National Premier League.

An integral part of Carole’s legacy is the volunteering programme she created and implemented at TNC – this programme ensures we can facilitate quality coaching consistently to all the athletes (278) that we have at the club. On this programme Carole mentors Turnford’s young players to become future coaches and umpires by working alongside and supporting the youngsters at their weekly training sessions (Wednesday and Thursdays) and games (Saturdays and Sundays). These young coaches and umpires will support lead coaches and umpire at tournaments and weekend fixtures. Carole is also instrumental in guiding young aspiring officials onto the England Netball Youth Advisory Group.


In addition, Carole has also put into place club/school links that never previously existed and a strong High Performance Club development programme that is proven in its methodology and the results. These links continue to support and grow the foundations of their athlete base, and our high performance club programme further assists these athletes development.

Its important to note that whilst being Head Coach at Turnford, Carole has produced in excess of 24 athletes through to England representation not forgetting the huge number of athletes Turnford regularly feeds into County, Regional, NPL and SuperLeague. Carole’s U14 and U16 squads have always finished in the top 10 Nationally and she will regularly multi task running 3 squads across junior and senior teams. Paralleled with this, Carole also oversees the disability coaching programme which is run in conjunction with some local schools to make the sport accessible to all.

Carole is the driving force behind Turnford achieving the Gold Caps award and also receiving the Queens Award for Service to Sport in 2010 – she would spend hours collecting and organizing all the evidence needed to support the Awards. At present Carole is also Equity & Safeguarding Officer which she has been doing since about 2005. Since 2014 she has taken on the role of Chair of the Coaching TSG. She was also a County coach in the days of county competition and an academy coach.

There is not a single player, parent or coach at Turnford (and I suspect at any club team nationally) that does not know Carole. In addition to her endless enthusiasm for her own squads she is also ever present at every netballing event Turnford participates in. Always ready to give guidance to any player sporting the black and yellow – be they 8 years old and starting out, or one of her many representative level senior players. Her energy and enthusiasm knows no limits – she regularly is out coaching netball or taking squads all over the country day in day out and she is a major asset to the netball community not only locally, but also for the region. Carole is incredibly passionate about netball and the relentless efforts she pours into netball is infectious to those around her, who she continues to inspire.

At the awards ceremony, Carole stated she was pleased to be recognised for this award but said her commitment was for the love of netball. Carole will now represent Hertfordshire at the National Goalden Globe Awards ceremony in September.

Before ending this post I wanted to add a personal note. As a parent of a child in one of Carole’s squads I see the dedication and time commitment she puts in day in day out and its incredible. But its not just about putting in the hours and being present. Every one of the girls in her squads knows that they are cared for as individuals as well as part of the team, and if they listen to her guidance and work hard, they will become the players they want to be. There is nothing they wouldn’t do to make her proud and that is the mark of a great leader! They also love that she’s just a tiny bit crazy and loves to have fun with them!! Turnford, Hertfordshire and Netball in general is very lucky and we are pretty sure she will never be allowed to retire!

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Hard Work Pays Off! – Turnford’s George Fisher On England Netball’s U19 Tour To Botswana


Author: George Fisher, Turnford U16

I was so excited to be selected for the U19s England tour in August of this year. We were travelling to Botswana and were due to play the Botswana senior squad, ranked 16th in the world, U20s national squad and Namibia’s national squad.

The team met at Heathrow on 5th August where we received our tour schedules and target stats for the tour. We got a plane to Johannesburg, which was delayed for a couple of hours and then after a sprint finish just made it to our internal flight to Gaborone which is the capital of Botswana, that’s where we stayed at the Oasis Motel. planeshot The total journey took about 14 hours. The motel had a swimming pool but it was so cold we used it as an ice bath/recovery after training and matches!!

Unfortunately Namibia had not been able to come to play us so all of our matches would be against Senior and U20 Botswanan squads.

Days 1-4 Our first two days were spent traveling, resting, stretching and strengthening, there was no jetlag as they are only one hour ahead of us. We had two training sessions on day three and went to visit Mokolodi nature reserve safari park in the morning of day four before another training session. We saw giraffes, antelopes, hippos and baboons, it was really good.


Day 5 – We completed our training session outside on a Botswanan style court before travelling to the Otse Police training college to play our first match v Botswana under 20s. The supporters sat about two feet behind the goals and were very loud and enthusiastic singing and cheering. We won 71-16 and I took to court in second half as GA with Alice Travis as GS. At the end of the match the Botswanan supporters came onto the court and sang and danced with us to celebrate the win.

Day 6 – We played Botswana seniors who were a much stronger opposition and I took to court for the second half of the match as GA. We took the win 42-35.

Days 7&8 – We played the senior squad again both days, this time on outdoor courts and won 53-37 & 42-34. I was starting 7 in the first match and came on at half time in the second as we were only winning by one goal at half time. chalkshotThey keep score using chalk marks on the floor!! The sun was shining and it was so hot they gave us umbrellas to sit under. umbrellashot

Day 9 -In the morning we were invited to play deaf netball at the British High Commissioner’s house. This was one of the best days as we were not allowed to talk or make noises at all on court and all penalties etc are signalled by red flags being waved by the umpires. In the evening we played the U20s squad again and won 70-22.

Day 10 – This was the final day of match play at the National stadium where we played U20s. We all played in our second positions it was good fun and we took the win 53-27. It was a great way to end our tour. Six out of six wins!! Undefeated!! That evening our hotel put on a Braai (what they call a BBQ locally) for us the food was delicious and there was lots of it.

I took to court on all six matches and have gained 12 international caps this year! Three for U17s and 9 for U19s.

The local people and supporters were amazing singing throughout our warm ups and matches. They would turn up at our hotel and start taking pictures of us, this made us feel like celebrities! We left to travel home on day 10 and arrived back in England on 15th August.

It was an amazing experience, shared with a fantastic group of girls, something that I will never forget and has made me determined to get selected for many more tours in the future!

Hard work pays off!!

George x

Winning Weekend for Turnford


Both Turnford’s Regional and National teams came away with victories this weekend.

The National side travelled to Middlesborough to play northern team Grangetown. Turnford got off to a great start leading 20-7 at half time. Despite Grangetown’s best efforts, they could not catch Turnford, with the game finishing 38-27

Player of the match: Lottie Morrison


The Regional side made their way to Norfolk to play against Thoroughbreds. Having lost to Thoroughbreds in the first half of the season, Turnford were determined to win and they led throughout to take the game 47-35.

Player of the match: Ellie Newman