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Prem 1 Match Report: Local Rivalry Alive & Well But It Was Not Turnford’s Day


Turnford Prem
This past Sunday in Prem 1, Turnford played local rivals and top of the table team, Academy. Both sides were looking forward to a fantastic game of netball after their previous close encounter.

Turnford were quickest out the blocks and started the quarter with a blast of goals. The sharp shooting of Dwyer and precision feeds from Sims, Gulvin and Joseph enabled the black and yellow side to make their mark early on taking an 8-2 lead. A time out from Academy saw them return to the game more composed, and they attacked the rest of the quarter with a vengeance, climbing back into the game. Turnford held on to their lead finishing the quarter 14-12.

The second quarter saw both sides step up in their defensive pressure. Fabulous defensive work from the whole squad but especially Skinsley, Titmuss and Davies saw Turnford gain possession on 18 occasions from the Academy side. Unfortunately this was a quarter littered with errors through the mid court and in to the attacking third which saw the black and yellow side unable to convert this possession into goals. Quarter score 1-9.

An introduction of Fisher and O’Mahony at half time saw both players make an immediate impact in their respective areas as O’Mahony gained possession and Fisher converted it. Titmuss and Gulvin worked well on Academy centre passes stopping 3 within the first phase. Both players took responsibility of their turnover and were able to work the ball fluidly through the attack to Joseph who easily found Fisher and Dwyer. A much better attacking quarter saw a frenzy of goals as the quarter ended 15-19.

Still-hunting the win and with the squads ‘Never-give-up’ attitude, Turnford scored the first 3 goals to claw back the gap to 7. However, Academy, fighting to keep their top of the table placing, responded with more goals. Some fabulous interceptions from the black and yellow side provided excitement for the crowds, but another high scoring quarter finished at 14-18.

Final Score 44-58

Coach Dannii Titmuss said: “We learn from every game we play, and whilst disappointed with the result, we were pleased in how we started. This has been a big improvement from us, how we approach games, and the girls showed what they are capable of achieving. We need to be able to maintain our leads and will be looking for a reduced error count, and more consistency across both the game and quarters in our next performance. There is one game left of the season, although we have finished higher and are already on more points than this time last year, we will still be looking to take the final win against Leeds next week”

Player of the Match: Ann-Marie Dwyer

Turnford Squad: Ann-Marie Dwyer, Georgina Fisher, Holly Sims, Emily Gulvin, Hannah Joseph, Kat Titmuss, Sarah Davis, Laura O’Mahony, Bea Skinsley.

Coaches: Dannii Titmuss & Ann-Marie Dywer.

Turnford Players Participate In Successful World Record Attempt with England Netball



To celebrate England Netball’s 90th Anniversary, from Feb 12th to Feb 15th over 1300 netballers from across the country took part in the Largest Ever Netball Exhibition Match. This match was played for 90 consecutive hours (with over 7000 goals scored) at Play On Sports in London. As well as attempting to break a Guinness World Record, the event was taking place in aid of Sport Relief and so far in excess of £20,000 has been raised. You can read more about the entire event and the amazing World Record achievement here.

Turnford are delighted that a number of our girls took part in this event at different times. First up were our U14s Courtney Ferns and Tobi Unuefa. On Feb 14th a call went out over twitter for netballers to come help with the challenge during the 2am to 7am slot on the 15th as there was a concern that there would not be enough participants and the world record would be lost. Both eager to be on a netball court at any opportunity, Courtney and Tobi stepped up to the mark and offered to help.

saviours 2am_1

And this is how we found ourselves in Hackney, London at 1.30am on Monday morning!! Thankfully it was halfterm so the girls knew they could get to their beds straight after. The girls were scheduled to participate in the 2-4am slot but amazingly the wonderful netball community had answered the call in fab numbers and there were more athletes than needed for the 2am slot. So we sat and watched the 2am slot -ready for the girls to take part from 3-4am.

When they took to the court, it was with a wide variety of players, male and female and all definitely older than our girls! And with that the fun began. The music was pumping and the teams were enjoying themselves immensely. So much so that when it came to the end of the hour, and they were asked if they could carry on they happily agreed. In the end, Courtney and Tobi played 3 consecutive hours of netball with no breaks. Great job girls!


(Photo Credit: Ayesha Mayy)

Courtney had this to say: “We were only supposed to play for one hour and in the end we played for three. It didn’t seem that long at all though because we had so much fun. The most fun part was when Tobi and I were teamed up in defence and decided to use the hoist and the chair lift. I am also really proud to be a world record holder with all of the other players and to have helped raised money for Sport Relief.”

At 6am, the girls left the court and at 9am it was the turn of Turnford girls Aimee Hatley and Izzy Stibbs. Aimee and Izzy were there with the East Regional Academy. They played for two hours against both their own academy and a Sussex team. They played for 2 1/2 hours and again the time flew by with much fun ensuing on the court. By now the defensive lifts were becoming a trend!!

sport rel aim

Aimee had this to say. “It was really good taking part because as you were playing you knew you were doing something good for other people while enjoying yourself. It was a great day.”

Turnford is so proud of all of these girls and delighted they were part of such an amazing event. England Netball is still encouraging those who are inspired to show their support by donating via its official Sport Relief giving page.

Sport Relief is back from Friday 18th to Sunday 20th March

It’s All About The Team as Turnford Topple Bath


Prem 1: Turnford 75 Team Bath 63

EDITORS NOTE: More often than not I try to headline these posts with some witty or clever words. But as I thought about this week’s Prem 1 match up against Team Bath I realised there was no need for it. This match was all about working for the team. Every single player battled from end to end. They lived our ethos (W.I.N – Work Hard with Intensity and Never give up) and it paid off. With a number of Turnford Juniors in the crowd this team showed what role models they are.

Match Report

Turnford hosted Team Bath in their recent Prem League fixture, with much was at stake. Team Bath are fighting the relegation zone where a win would help make them safe and Turnford knew if they were to win this fixture they would be secure for another season in Prem 1, with 3 games to go. Turnford, missing Joseph through Superleague, had the opportunity to include youngsters Satwick and Hatley in the squad.

Having lost in their last meeting (a very poor first quarter left a mountain too big to climb, despite an amazing second half come back) Turnford were keen to right this wrong. However, a slow start out of the blocks saw Turnford trailing 2-5 within the first few minutes. As the squad began to wake, so did the score line and fantastic defensive pressure in the back third by Skinsley, Everitt and Davis enabled Turnford to win ball and claw back to 8-8. Turnford began to show more diligence in the attack and goal machine Fisher pushed on the score taking it to 14-12. The quarter then went goal for goal in what was set for a fierce game with both shooters exceling for their teams. Quarter score 17-16.

Some quarter time changes saw the introduction of Gulvin and her injection of pace in the attacking third saw an easier delivery of ball to the shooters. Again though, some connection errors saw Team Bath creep back onto the scoreboard. Applied pressure from the Turnford defensive unit – Skinsley, Everitt, Davies and Titmuss – forced errors in Team Bath’s attacking combination, allowing us to win turnover ball. A mid quarter change of Dwyer and Fisher saw Turnford score the next 5 goals with some excellent long range feeding from Dwyer who was sending precision passes to Fisher. Quarter score 17-14

Turnford began to find their stride in the third quarter. Good defensive pressure on the centre pass from Titmuss, Gulvin and Everitt saw Team Bath struggle to get first phase out as Turnford punished them for their errors working the ball fluidly to the shooters. Sims, Gulvin and Dwyer had eagle-eyed vision for Fisher and would send her the ball from anywhere, Fisher displayed great strength in the circle plucking the ball from the air and gifting Turnford with more goals. Turnford had several runs of 3 and 4 goals, which saw them extend their lead winning the quarter 19-14.

As the teams entered the last quarter it was Team Bath who started quicker, taking the score line to within 4. A rattled Turnford began to take more care of the ball, patiently working the ball to Fisher. Turnford regained their composure and a flutter of goals saw them push on their lead. An unsettled Team Bath began to make errors and Turnford, having improved from last week recognised the time to push on, scoring 7 goals in succession. This was a high scoring quarter with both attacking units doing their best for their teams. An exceptionally high quarter score still saw Turnford out on top 22-19.

Final Score 75-63

Coach Dannii Titmuss said: “We are delighted with another win. Scoring 75 goals in a game is incredibly impressive, and shows the class of Fisher who scored 74 of them. Credit to Team Bath shooter Chelsea Lewis, who was also outstanding in her accuracy – if you’d scored 63 in a game you would expect to win. I thought our young defensive pairing of Skinsley and Everitt played beyond their years and did an outstanding job to limit the opportunities Lewis could get.”

Titmuss Continued: “It’s fantastic to see this Turnford squad build on their performance each week. Although I would like us to be quicker to settle into quarters and build an earlier lead, the team is blending together well and we were happy to win every quarter. I was particularly impressed this week how we were able to push on when we gained our lead, as this has been a focus of ours. We have three games left and although we are now safe, we are hungry for more and want to continue our roll of good netball. We travel to Oaksway next week and are excited for the fixture, where we will once again be working for the 5 points.”

Player of the Match: Bea Skinsley & Zara Everitt

Turnford Squad: Ann-Marie Dwyer, George Fisher, Holly Sims, Emily Gulvin, Georgia Satwick, Kat Titmuss, Sarah Davis, Aimee Hatley, Zara Everitt, Bea Skinsley.
Coaches: Dannii Titmuss & Ann-Marie Dwyer

Prem 1 Nailbiter Proves The Only Way is Up (not Downs) for Turnford


Prem One Match Report
Turnford 41 The Downs 40

Turnford travelled to Guilford to play third placed The Downs in their most recent fixture. With both teams missing players due to Superleague, Turnford were on the hunt for the 5-point win. A strong start by the black and yellow attack enabled the ball to be delivered successfully by Joseph and Gulvin into the circle. However with a new shooting pair nerves were showing, Turnford missed a few attempts allowing the home team to take an early 4-2 lead. Once the shooters found their rhythm, Turnford’s excellent through court work and defensive pressure from Titmuss, Davis and Skinsley saw Turnford score the next 5 goals. Taking their foot off the gas allowed The Downs to narrow the score margin once more, finishing the quarter 11-10.

Some quarter time changes saw Turnford push on the goal gap. Gulvin, in at GA was able to create space in the circle and open up play for Dwyer, who replied with outstanding shooting, as Turnford extended their lead by 5. Again, Turnford visibly sat back and The Downs responded by sneaking back onto the scoreboard. A time-out allowed Turnford to refocus their efforts and turnovers from Skinsley and Everitt allowed Joseph and Titmuss to present the ball to the black and yellow circle, who once more extended their lead to 6. Turnford passing errors in the last few minutes of the quarter saw this lead discarded with the blue team scoring the last 5 goals. Quarter score 11-11.

Both teams returned to the third quarter desperately seeking the win, and both suffering fatigue. A very evenly matched quarter saw teams go goal for goal throughout – a couple of crucial interceptions from Turnford were able to be punished by the shooters who edged out their lead by two. Winning the quarter 12-10.

Going into the last quarter Turnford realised if they could hold onto their lead they would continue to climb the Prem League table. The black and yellow side started strong but struggled to deliver their turnovers to the attack, a timeout was called and Turnford brought on O’Mahony for an injection of pace. During the timeout The Downs had also made substitutions, but were not quick enough to return to the court. This left The Downs without two shooters on court, who could not return until a goal had been scored – therefore if Turnford had played possession for the remaining 4 minutes we would have secured a comfortable win – unfortunately Turnford were not quick enough to realise this and the shooters slotted another goal. In the last minutes of the game Turnford made a couple of errors which The Downs were quick to capitalise on. With 40 seconds on the clock and Turnford’s centre we thought we had done enough to seal the victory – unfortunately a missed shot and The Downs rebound saw a mad dash to get the ball into their circle – Skinsley however had other plans, making a clean interception from the shooters as the final whistle blew. Leaving Turnford triumphant. Quarter Score 7-9.

Final Score: 41-40

Coach Dannii Titmuss said: “We are incredibly happy to come away with the 5 points. Although not pretty netball, it was great to see the determination of the Turnford athletes to never give up and grind out a win. As we continue to field strong squad performances against these top-flight teams, we are sending a message to the rest of the division – we are here as contenders. We were able to put out some wonderful passages of play, and now we must work on making these consistent across the quarter and across the game. Our aim is to extend our lead during the quarters – pushing on when we can, and to win all 4 quarters. We have a big game against Team Bath next week, where we look to W.I.N. once more. When we do this, we will secure our place in Division 1 for next season with 3 games remaining.”

Player of the match: Ann-Marie Dwyer

Turnford Squad: Ann-Marie Dwyer, Emily Gulvin, Georgia Satwick, Hannah Joseph, Sarah Davis, Kat Titmuss, Laura O’Mahony, Zara Everitt, Bea Skinsley.

Coaches: Dannii Titmuss & Ann-Marie Dwyer

Match Report Prem 1: Turnford 54 New Cambell 57


This weekend, Turnford travelled to East London to play local rivals New Cambell. On the last outing Turnford pipped New Cambell to the post beating the maroon ladies by 1. We knew this game would be just as hotly contested as the last, with both teams at full strength… Or so we thought, unfortunately the Turnford squad had only 7 players going into the start of the game. The black and yellow Super Seven galvanised together with a fiery start, both teams matching each other goal for goal. Turnford were giving the crowd a performance to cheer, the speed of the attacking players Gulvin and Sims easily finding the shooters in prime position. However, a couple of Turnford passing errors were punished by New Cambell, who were able to take an early lead 14-17.

Impressed by their own performance, the Turnford side approached the next quarter with even more self-belief. Dwyer (who was also celebrating her birthday) used her experience to control the attack – creating space for Fisher to drive into the circle, shooting 100% this quarter. In the back end, Skinsley and Titmuss were coping well with the Team Northumbria Goal Shooter, Armitage, working as an effective pairing to force errors and gain possession. This was also helped by pressure from Davis and Gulvin preventing the long ball in. A better quarter for the black and yellow side saw a closer score line but the maroon side still came out on top 12-14.

Turnford were finding their stride, putting on a great display of netball and working hard for each other. Sims had some magnificent releases into the circle to Fisher who was battling England defender, Keable. The focus this quarter was for Turnford to score from their turnovers and the black and yellow side did not disappoint, bringing the score line difference to within one goal. New Cambell called a tactical time out, and the more experienced side came back better from the break, extending their lead once more. The quarter score was again closer, but left the Turnford side trailing 13-14.

Turnford gave everything they had in the last quarter and were the quicker side out of the blocks. Superb defending from Skinsley rewarded Turnford with copious amounts of ball. Titmuss and Davis were able to drive the ball through court and offload to a hard working attack, which, under the leadership of Dwyer, was able to capitalise on these turnovers with more goals for Turnford. A stunning last quarter saw Turnford take the quarter 15-12.

Unfortunately this was not enough to steal the game and New Cambell came out on top 57-54.

Coach Dannii Titmuss said “I am incredibly proud of our Turnford squad today leaving the game with 2 points. Going into the match with a bare 7, we knew it would be a challenge – but the response of those 7 athletes in the face of adversity was impressive. To see the athletes out on court working so tirelessly for each other, and never giving in, are traits we try to instil in our players from a young age. Everyone played out of their skins and it’s fantastic to see the players develop week on week. Particularly impressive was 17-year-old Fisher out at GA for the whole game and playing against experienced England defender, Keable. As coaches we were also really happy for us to improve the score margin each quarter, and we will take many positives from this. I’m excited to see the squad continue to build on this performance, against The Downs, going out for the WIN next week”.

Player of the match: George Fisher

Turnford Squad: Ann-Marie Dwyer, George Fisher, Holly Sims, Emily Gulvin, Sarah Davis, Kat Titmuss, Bea Skinsley, Hayley McKellar, Laura O’Mahony. Coaches: Dannii Titmuss & Ann-Marie Dwyer

England Call-Ups for Four of Turnford’s Finest



At Turnford our motto is W.I.N. This is not, as it might first appear about winning at all costs, its about the ethos we live by, and the way we train our squads. The initials stand for:

Work hard, with Intensity and Never give up – W.I.N.

This attitude to netball (and indeed life) flows through everything we do, and we are so proud of the way our teams take it on board, and of the success they achieve. With this in mind we are delighted to be able to highlight FOUR members of our family, whose amazing work ethic and talent have led to exciting England Netball Call-ups.

Firstly our player call-ups. All three of these athletes play a vital role in Turnford’s National Prem One Squad.

Senior England Squad:

George Fisher – Reserve for the England V Australia Test Series and selected for the England High Performance Programme

Hannah Joseph – First cap achieved playing in the final England test V Australia and selected for the England High Performance Programme

U17 England Squad:

Zara Everitt – Selected for the U17 England squad to contest Netball Europe in March 2016 and selected for the National Academy Programme

Here’s what Coach Dannii Titmuss had to say about these three athletes:

“George and Zara are both examples of what hard work can achieve. Although 17 and 16 respectively, they already play key roles in Turnford’s National Prem squad. Both athletes train incredibly hard and are dedicated to their netball – often going above and beyond what is expected. Neither are satisfied with being a “good” player, and that mentality contributes to them becoming great players. They are still in the early stages of their netball careers and it is exciting to see them continue to develop. We look forward to watching them perform on an international stage over the coming season!”

“Hannah has been a great addition to Turnford this year. Her work ethic and desire to become the best athlete she can be perfectly matches the ethos of the club. It has been great to see Hannah develop over the season and we are incredibly proud of Hannah’s recent call up to the Senior Squad. We were both excited and proud to watch her take the court in the Red Dress in the England vs Australia Test Series.”

England Selector:

Dannii Titmuss – Turnford’s National Prem One Coach has been appointed as a selector for the National Academy Programme, responsible for selecting athletes at U17 and U19 level.

Here’s what Turnford’s Head Coach, Carole Titmuss, had to say about Dannii:

“Turnford are very proud of Danielle’s recent appointment as National Academy Selector. She is passionate about netball and the development of performance athletes. In a club environment she has incredibly high standards for the athletes and sets an example of working hard to achieve success, which the athletes follow. She is an asset to the club and forms part of a dedicated group of coaches who strive to get the best out of all the athletes they work with.”

The entire Turnford family is extremely proud of George, Hannah, Zara and Dannii. They are all fantastic role models for everyone that wears the Black and Yellow!

Turnford Tornado Produces Wins Across the Board


If you missed the weather report this morning then you would not have heard about the Turnford Tornado that swept the country this weekend! The Turnford squads were absolutely on FIRE with wins in all senior divisions we contested – National Prem 1, Regional and Herts League Divisions One, Two and Three.

Prem 1 – Turnford 67 – Hucclecote 37

After a run of solid team performances, Turnford faced bottom placed Hucclecote this week and were focused on securing a strong 5-point win. With Hannah Joseph missing on international duty, it was an opportunity to give National Premier League experience to our upcoming players, with Georgia Satwick and Laura O’Mahony being invited into the squad.

A quick start by the black and yellow side saw the squad take an early 5-1 lead. However rather than push on, the team relaxed and slowed pace, allowing Hucclecote back into the game with some poor passing errors. Defensively Turnford were strong, with Titmuss making the first interception in the opening minute, and the back pair of Skinsley and Everitt linking well in the circle to limit the shooting opportunities. Turnford finished the quarter on top 13-11.

The introduction of Dwyer was the change the game needed to kick Turnford into second gear. The attacks movement was more definite and with Davis helping the ball through court, Gulvin and Titmuss were able to accurately feed from circle edge. Dwyer and Fisher both rewarded their teams’ efforts with some great shooting. Turnford were able to pull away and extend their lead, taking the quarter 20-10.

Changes at half time saw the introduction of McKellar at GK, O’Mahony at WD and Sims to WA. It was a slow start as the Turnford side found their feet, with 4 goals going unanswered by the black and yellow squad. However, a goal by Fisher started again the scoring frenzy, with the attacking unit of Sims, Titmuss, Fish and Dwyer scoring off their centres. O’Mahony and McKellar were able to get many hands to balls, but it was Skinsley who was stealing the show (and the ball) as she committed to taking flying interceptions. The Hucclecote attack struggled laboriously to get the ball to their circle, and Turnford finished the quarter 17-6.

More changes in the last quarter, as Satwick came to WA and Gulvin to C. With 5 of the squad under 20 it was great to see the young Turnford side still push on, playing with experience beyond their years. Satwick grew throughout the quarter, with some fabulous feeds, as she linked well with youth teammate Fisher and ex-regional teammate Gulvin. Turnford sealed their victory by winning the quarter 17-10

Coach Dannii Titmuss said, “After a shaky start, it was good to see the squad compose themselves and push on. This is something we have been working on, our ability to gain and increase a lead, it was good to see the whole squad out there working towards that. Each week we are improving as a team and our confidence continues to grow. It was great to give the opportunity to home grown players Satwick and O’Mahony, and for them to fit so seamlessly into the squad. I was also impressed with the blend of experience and youth in the squad, and our ability to win every quarter – it highlights the depth within our squad and the club. Our next target is consistency across the quarters, to be strong from the start of every quarter. We look forward to playing New Cambell next week – we beat them by one last time and we hope to extend that score line on our away visit”.

Final Score: 67-37 Turnford
Player of the Match: Kat Titmuss

Turnford Squad: George Fisher, Holly Sims, Ann-Marie Dwyer, Emily Gulvin, Georgia Satwick, Kat Titmuss, Sarah Davis, Laura O’Mahony, Zara Everitt, Bea Skinsley, Hayley McKellar.
Coaches: Dannii Titmuss & Ann-Marie Dwyer

And The Turnford Wins Just Kept on Coming:


Divison 1: Turnford v Hatfield Hawks

Turnford took the win 39:35POM Lottie Morrison

Hertfordshire League:

Division 1: Turnford V Nomads 1

Turnford took the win 50:35POM Izzy Stibbs

Division 2: Turnford v Omega 2

Turnford took the win 51-41POM Lucy Millbery & Emily Sabatino

Divison 3: Turnford v Hatfield Doves

Turnford took the win 50-44POM Courtney Ferns

A huge well done to all of the squads: – HARD WORK PAYS OFF

And a huge Turnford Shout out to our very own Hannah Joseph who deservedly took to the court for England against Australia last night at the Copperbox – the whole club is so proud of you Hannah.

Prem 1 Round Match Report: Turnford 45 Oldham 51


Turnford travelled to Manchester this weekend to play top of the table, Oldham. Rivals all the way from Junior level and with both teams at full strength, Turnford were excited to play this established premier side. Having improved the scoreline on every outing against the blue and red team, Turnford went into the game fuelled with positivity. A thrilling start to the game saw the two sides neck and neck for most of the 1st quarter, a couple of Turnford attacking errors were punished by Oldham, who finished the quarter 14-10 in the lead.

A positional change from Turnford saw a much more composed quarter from the black and yellow side. The defence built in this quarter with Skinsley and Titmuss able to limit the Oldham attack outside the circle, and great rebounding from McKellar meant Turnford were able to deliver the ball into the attack, scoring off most of the teams turnovers. Turnford drew the quarter 13 all.

Changes from both sides in the third quarter saw a injection of pace to the game. Turnford’s attack began to connect well on centre passes. With the fast movement and speed of ball from Joseph, Gulvin and Sims the attack were able to feed Fisher with ease. Again the quarter was close but Oldham pipped ahead taking the quarter 12-10.

Turnford went all guns blazing into the last quarter with a “never give up attitude” and some phenomenal netball was played. Turnford were able to take ball against a very physical side and deliver it successfully to Fisher. Davis’s movement through court enabled the attack to stay deep in the court and Turnford could maintain most of the possession. The black and yellow side were clawing back the scoreline taking into to within 2 at times – unfortunately time got the better of the Turnford side and the teams drew the final quarter 12 all.

Final score: Turnford 45 Oldham 51

Coach Dannii Titmuss said, “Although it was incredibly disappointing to get so close and not come away with the additional points, Turnford will take confidence from this game. It was a great game of netball and to be within 6 against the top of the table is a very respectable score. We continue to improve as a squad, and every time we play the top flight teams the results are closer. We will continue to work hard in training this week and look to take 5 points on our next fixture against Hucclecote on 24th Jan”

Turnford Squad: Ann-Marie Dwyer, George Fisher, Holly Sims, Emily Gulvin, Hannah Joseph, Kat Titmuss, Sarah Davis, Bea Skinsley, Hayley McKellar. Coaches: Dannii Titmuss & Ann-Marie Dwyer

Santa – With That Win We Must Have Made the Good List!


Turnford 54 Viper 10 Blades 52.

This weekend saw Turnford’s last home game of 2015 and as quickly as it has come upon us we really are already playing the return fixtures in Prem One.

This match-up saw Turnford as the hosts to Western Park based team, Viper 10 Blades. Turnford knew that Blades would be out for the win having already beaten them in the first round and previously knocking them out of a Prem 1 slot at the preceding playoffs. But the black and yellow squad were out in full force and feeling confident. With newly appointed England reserves, Gerogina Fisher and Hannah Joseph the squad were ready for whatever Blades would bring.

Turnford took the first quarter with dominant force and a lead of 6. By the second quarter the squad seemed to ease off a little and only won the half by two. With some silly errors made by the Turnford attack they saw Blades creep back into the game capitalising on their shooting opportunities with 100% shooting stats in Q2 and Q3.

The final quarter was going to be tight, going goal for goal and keeping the spectators on the edge of their seats. This netball is exciting stuff but not good for the heart! Determination won through and the Turnford side ensured they took the win 54-52 and more importantly the 5 points.

The regional squad slotted up a win too on the weekend beating Bedford by three goals taking the match 39:36. Special mention must be made of the defence Beth Hatherly, Zara Everitt and Abi Naugher making many turnarounds. The regional squad have had a remarkable first half of the season losing only one game. They will look forward to the second half of the season hoping they will continue with their success.

Turnford Do The Double – U14 & U16 County Champions



This Sunday, in exceptionally windy conditions, Turnford U14 and U16 Nationals Squads headed to Wodson Park to begin their nationals campaigns with the Herts County Championships. And they begun those campaigns in exceptional style with both teams defeating every opponent put in front of them, emerging Double County Champs. We are exceptionally proud of all the girls and cannot wait for the next step in the Road To Nationals which will be the East Regional round in March 2016.

U14 Match Report from Coach Carole Titmuss:

Turnford U14s were excited to be present at this round of the national club pathway. It had been a while since they had played their own age group having tested their skills, in recent months, at a much higher level of quality senior games. The score lines showed just how much this young squad had improved.

Despite the gusty winds the shooters faired well against the elements. Their first match against Hatfield resulted in a confident win 14:4, Next up was Asco and again a vast goal difference with another win for Turnford 17:3. The defence of Jasmine Harvey-Stone, Maddie March, Freya Keohane and Frankie Baylis made turnaround after turnaround allowing the solid centre court of Megan Thomas, Courtney Ferns and Bella Baylis to feed their shooting circle with skill and maturity.

Next up came Hertford Hornets and Turnford took the win 18:1 followed by wins against Abbey Flyers 14:2, and Crosskeys 13:4. Shooters Evie Pringle and Sienna Rushton slotted them in, with ease, one after the other gaining a total of 77 goals during the tournament and the defence only allowing 14 against them.

Coach Carole Titmuss said, “Praise must be given to the whole squad for their focus throughout the day. I’m so proud of every single one of them and look forward to the next round where they will represent Hertfordshire at regional level to be held in Norfolk in March 2016.”

U16 Match Report from Coach Kathryn Titmuss:

Our U16 squad were excited to compete in the first stage of the Nationals this weekend. They squad of 12 had 6 games standing between them and the County title. With many of the players being from the U15 squad we knew we had a challenge ahead of us.

They had a great start to the day with a 13-1 win over Abbey Flyers soon followed with a 10-5 win vs Hertford Hornets. At this stage of the day the winds had really started to pick up and it took some perfect timing from shooters Andriana Robinson, Emily Sabatino and Lucy Milberry to take the win against Crosskeys 4-3.

Next up was Asco who found it hard to combat the strong Turnford attack and with constant turnovers from Zara Everitt and Ella Warmerdam Turnford put another win under their belt. Turnford were also able to secure confident wins over their last two opponents winning 12-4 against Hatfield and 13-0 against Kardale.

Coach Kathryn Titmuss said “I was delighted with every player of this squad who all took to court and played to the game plan. I was delighted that both the U16’s and U14’s finished the day undefeated and look forward to seeing these super squads in the next stage”.