Turnford are delighted to announce the success of three of their
girls at England level.
Ellie Newman and 14 year old Georgina Fisher were selected for the
U17 squad and Sophie Carter was selected for the U19 squad.
Georgina who is a pupil at the John Warner School has been a member
of Turnford’s Netball Club since she was nine years of age. She has
always been a dedicated and hard working team member and we are
extremely proud of her, especially as she is one of the youngest to
be selected. 16 year old Ellie Newman a pupil at Broxbourne School.
Who is not only a player Turnford can be proud of but she also works
hard as a coach to younger members of the club.
17 year old Sophie Carter, a pupil at St Albans High School, has been
a member of Turnford Netball Club since she started playing at the
late age of 11.
Since then she has gone from strength to strength and again we are
truly proud of her achievement. Both of these girls have been playing
for and training with Maverick Youth, the local NTL squad.
With these three new members this puts Turnford’s national playing
record up to 19 members.