Turnford travelled to Manchester this weekend to play top of the table, Oldham. Rivals all the way from Junior level and with both teams at full strength, Turnford were excited to play this established premier side. Having improved the scoreline on every outing against the blue and red team, Turnford went into the game fuelled with positivity. A thrilling start to the game saw the two sides neck and neck for most of the 1st quarter, a couple of Turnford attacking errors were punished by Oldham, who finished the quarter 14-10 in the lead.

A positional change from Turnford saw a much more composed quarter from the black and yellow side. The defence built in this quarter with Skinsley and Titmuss able to limit the Oldham attack outside the circle, and great rebounding from McKellar meant Turnford were able to deliver the ball into the attack, scoring off most of the teams turnovers. Turnford drew the quarter 13 all.

Changes from both sides in the third quarter saw a injection of pace to the game. Turnford’s attack began to connect well on centre passes. With the fast movement and speed of ball from Joseph, Gulvin and Sims the attack were able to feed Fisher with ease. Again the quarter was close but Oldham pipped ahead taking the quarter 12-10.

Turnford went all guns blazing into the last quarter with a “never give up attitude” and some phenomenal netball was played. Turnford were able to take ball against a very physical side and deliver it successfully to Fisher. Davis’s movement through court enabled the attack to stay deep in the court and Turnford could maintain most of the possession. The black and yellow side were clawing back the scoreline taking into to within 2 at times – unfortunately time got the better of the Turnford side and the teams drew the final quarter 12 all.

Final score: Turnford 45 Oldham 51

Coach Dannii Titmuss said, “Although it was incredibly disappointing to get so close and not come away with the additional points, Turnford will take confidence from this game. It was a great game of netball and to be within 6 against the top of the table is a very respectable score. We continue to improve as a squad, and every time we play the top flight teams the results are closer. We will continue to work hard in training this week and look to take 5 points on our next fixture against Hucclecote on 24th Jan”

Turnford Squad: Ann-Marie Dwyer, George Fisher, Holly Sims, Emily Gulvin, Hannah Joseph, Kat Titmuss, Sarah Davis, Bea Skinsley, Hayley McKellar. Coaches: Dannii Titmuss & Ann-Marie Dwyer