The players of Turnford spend a lot of time with their coaches – sometimes more than they do with their family. Week in week out they are together, a close knit netball family. But we know you’d love to know a little more about them all, find out what makes them tick and why they devote so much time to this beautiful game. So, every month we are going to turn a spotlight on one of the coaches, ask them some questions, and get to know them a little better. Feel free to ask more questions in the comments section and I’ll make sure they answer them (within reason of course!).

So, who has been brave and put themselves forward first? Well I guess I gave it away in the title, first to the podium is Kat Titmuss.

Kat and Team


Name & Age: Kat Titmuss (soon to be Whittall eeekkk), 30 (Editors note: Does not look a day over 21 😉 )
Current Team Play For: Captain and play for Turnford Prem 1 National squad
Teams I Coach: U14 and I assist U16. This year I also coached the England Nets mixed team
Teams I support: Turnford (always my number 1), Mavs and Arsenal!
Coaching & Umpiring Qualifications: I am a Level 3 Coach and a C Award Umpire



1) What’s the most interesting place you’ve played netball or trained?
Probably South Africa with Nets or Barbados with Turnford

2) Who is easier to coach – adults, teenagers or young children?
I’m a primary and secondary school PE teacher so I love teaching all ages. I love working with adults too as you can cover a lot more depth with tactics and patterns of play. It’s just about knowing the ability you are working with and pitching it at their level – and that doesn’t always depend on age.

3) What’s the most important netballing skill you look for in a baller?
Want for the ball – if someone has a want for the ball they will be switched on to the game, right from 5 years old, you can see those players.

4) What’s the most important non-netball skill you look for in a baller?
HARD WORK ethic!!! number 1 as the saying goes “if talent doesn’t work hard, hard work will beat talent”

5) Tell us your best personal netballing memory?
Winning U14 School Nationals (our teacher at the time, who is actually now my Turnford National coach, threw her clipboard down in anger as she thought we had lost – but you can’t beat a team that never gives in)

6) What’s you best memory as a coach?
This is tough one, as coaches we spend all of our time with the team and there are sooooo many good memories. But having a team piggy back race (that ended with me and Nat on the floor) at a Crosskeys tournament was a pretty good one.

7) What was the last thing your team or one of your players did that made you smile?
We recently played the top of the table team in a Stanborough game for the second time this season – first time round I don’t think we got half their score – last week we drew the first quarter and ended up losing by only 8 #HardWorkPaysOff

8) Tell us something your team don’t know about you?
As a dare, I once ate a teabag when I was an U12 player at Pontins. Definitely wasn’t worth it! (Editor’s note: This is perhaps the best Q&A answer I have ever received!)


9) What was the most important thing one of your coaches taught you?
One of my fav coaches is Norman Muller (Dad of Amo, our National Coach) he was my county coach. He was such a strict coach – drilled handwork into you and didn’t accept anything less. I loved him for that. Taught me to set high expectations of myself and accept nothing less than your best.

10) Who was your favourite coach and why?
My mum has to have been my favourite coach – I knew she would always tell me the truth and that way you never stop improving.

11) What does it take to be a great baller?
Commitment – Hard Work – and a love of the game take opportunities where ever they arise you never know where it will lead.

12) If we asked your team what was the one thing you tell them again and again what would it be?
“Get on, Get on, Get on” or “And again, and again……….”

13) If we asked your team what you are like as a coach – what do you hope they would say?
I would hope they would say that I am firm but fair and they know I will always tell them the truth and that I work hard to develop them individually and as a team.

14) And what do you think they would actually say?
They’re 14 so it depends on what day you catch them!!!

Thanks Kat! And now its over to you. Any other questions for Kat – put them in the comment and we’ll try and answer as many as possible. Other than that we’ll be back next month with our next Spotlight On The Coach.