To celebrate England Netball’s 90th Anniversary, from Feb 12th to Feb 15th over 1300 netballers from across the country took part in the Largest Ever Netball Exhibition Match. This match was played for 90 consecutive hours (with over 7000 goals scored) at Play On Sports in London. As well as attempting to break a Guinness World Record, the event was taking place in aid of Sport Relief and so far in excess of £20,000 has been raised. You can read more about the entire event and the amazing World Record achievement here.

Turnford are delighted that a number of our girls took part in this event at different times. First up were our U14s Courtney Ferns and Tobi Unuefa. On Feb 14th a call went out over twitter for netballers to come help with the challenge during the 2am to 7am slot on the 15th as there was a concern that there would not be enough participants and the world record would be lost. Both eager to be on a netball court at any opportunity, Courtney and Tobi stepped up to the mark and offered to help.

saviours 2am_1

And this is how we found ourselves in Hackney, London at 1.30am on Monday morning!! Thankfully it was halfterm so the girls knew they could get to their beds straight after. The girls were scheduled to participate in the 2-4am slot but amazingly the wonderful netball community had answered the call in fab numbers and there were more athletes than needed for the 2am slot. So we sat and watched the 2am slot -ready for the girls to take part from 3-4am.

When they took to the court, it was with a wide variety of players, male and female and all definitely older than our girls! And with that the fun began. The music was pumping and the teams were enjoying themselves immensely. So much so that when it came to the end of the hour, and they were asked if they could carry on they happily agreed. In the end, Courtney and Tobi played 3 consecutive hours of netball with no breaks. Great job girls!


(Photo Credit: Ayesha Mayy)

Courtney had this to say: “We were only supposed to play for one hour and in the end we played for three. It didn’t seem that long at all though because we had so much fun. The most fun part was when Tobi and I were teamed up in defence and decided to use the hoist and the chair lift. I am also really proud to be a world record holder with all of the other players and to have helped raised money for Sport Relief.”

At 6am, the girls left the court and at 9am it was the turn of Turnford girls Aimee Hatley and Izzy Stibbs. Aimee and Izzy were there with the East Regional Academy. They played for two hours against both their own academy and a Sussex team. They played for 2 1/2 hours and again the time flew by with much fun ensuing on the court. By now the defensive lifts were becoming a trend!!

sport rel aim

Aimee had this to say. “It was really good taking part because as you were playing you knew you were doing something good for other people while enjoying yourself. It was a great day.”

Turnford is so proud of all of these girls and delighted they were part of such an amazing event. England Netball is still encouraging those who are inspired to show their support by donating via its official Sport Relief giving page.

Sport Relief is back from Friday 18th to Sunday 20th March