If you missed the weather report this morning then you would not have heard about the Turnford Tornado that swept the country this weekend! The Turnford squads were absolutely on FIRE with wins in all senior divisions we contested – National Prem 1, Regional and Herts League Divisions One, Two and Three.

Prem 1 – Turnford 67 – Hucclecote 37

After a run of solid team performances, Turnford faced bottom placed Hucclecote this week and were focused on securing a strong 5-point win. With Hannah Joseph missing on international duty, it was an opportunity to give National Premier League experience to our upcoming players, with Georgia Satwick and Laura O’Mahony being invited into the squad.

A quick start by the black and yellow side saw the squad take an early 5-1 lead. However rather than push on, the team relaxed and slowed pace, allowing Hucclecote back into the game with some poor passing errors. Defensively Turnford were strong, with Titmuss making the first interception in the opening minute, and the back pair of Skinsley and Everitt linking well in the circle to limit the shooting opportunities. Turnford finished the quarter on top 13-11.

The introduction of Dwyer was the change the game needed to kick Turnford into second gear. The attacks movement was more definite and with Davis helping the ball through court, Gulvin and Titmuss were able to accurately feed from circle edge. Dwyer and Fisher both rewarded their teams’ efforts with some great shooting. Turnford were able to pull away and extend their lead, taking the quarter 20-10.

Changes at half time saw the introduction of McKellar at GK, O’Mahony at WD and Sims to WA. It was a slow start as the Turnford side found their feet, with 4 goals going unanswered by the black and yellow squad. However, a goal by Fisher started again the scoring frenzy, with the attacking unit of Sims, Titmuss, Fish and Dwyer scoring off their centres. O’Mahony and McKellar were able to get many hands to balls, but it was Skinsley who was stealing the show (and the ball) as she committed to taking flying interceptions. The Hucclecote attack struggled laboriously to get the ball to their circle, and Turnford finished the quarter 17-6.

More changes in the last quarter, as Satwick came to WA and Gulvin to C. With 5 of the squad under 20 it was great to see the young Turnford side still push on, playing with experience beyond their years. Satwick grew throughout the quarter, with some fabulous feeds, as she linked well with youth teammate Fisher and ex-regional teammate Gulvin. Turnford sealed their victory by winning the quarter 17-10

Coach Dannii Titmuss said, “After a shaky start, it was good to see the squad compose themselves and push on. This is something we have been working on, our ability to gain and increase a lead, it was good to see the whole squad out there working towards that. Each week we are improving as a team and our confidence continues to grow. It was great to give the opportunity to home grown players Satwick and O’Mahony, and for them to fit so seamlessly into the squad. I was also impressed with the blend of experience and youth in the squad, and our ability to win every quarter – it highlights the depth within our squad and the club. Our next target is consistency across the quarters, to be strong from the start of every quarter. We look forward to playing New Cambell next week – we beat them by one last time and we hope to extend that score line on our away visit”.

Final Score: 67-37 Turnford
Player of the Match: Kat Titmuss

Turnford Squad: George Fisher, Holly Sims, Ann-Marie Dwyer, Emily Gulvin, Georgia Satwick, Kat Titmuss, Sarah Davis, Laura O’Mahony, Zara Everitt, Bea Skinsley, Hayley McKellar.
Coaches: Dannii Titmuss & Ann-Marie Dwyer

And The Turnford Wins Just Kept on Coming:


Divison 1: Turnford v Hatfield Hawks

Turnford took the win 39:35POM Lottie Morrison

Hertfordshire League:

Division 1: Turnford V Nomads 1

Turnford took the win 50:35POM Izzy Stibbs

Division 2: Turnford v Omega 2

Turnford took the win 51-41POM Lucy Millbery & Emily Sabatino

Divison 3: Turnford v Hatfield Doves

Turnford took the win 50-44POM Courtney Ferns

A huge well done to all of the squads: – HARD WORK PAYS OFF

And a huge Turnford Shout out to our very own Hannah Joseph who deservedly took to the court for England against Australia last night at the Copperbox – the whole club is so proud of you Hannah.