This is a quick shout out to all of the Turnford Family to help one of our own achieve their dream of running the Paris Marathon and raising money for Alzheimer’s Research UK. Eulene Gooden, mum to our U15 netballer Amber Gooden, is down to the final 5 in the Runners World TARGET 26.2 SUB 4:30. To win this competition and receive expert coaching and kit ahead of her charity run Eulene needs our votes. Votes close at noon tomorrow (10th December) – so come on Turnford – help her reach her goal and show the power of the Turnford Family.

You can vote using this link:

Target 262

You can vote once every day – so vote today and tomorrow morning please!!!

Here is Eulene’s profile on the site. Have a quick read and then get voting – She needs you!

Eulene Gooden “Running has always been a passion but I’ve never had enough time to do it regularly with working, being a taxi for my three daughters, housework, husband and tortoise! I started running more seriously in 2013 when I fulfilled my dream of completing my first marathon. What a fantastic feeling crossing the 26.2 marker at the Edinburgh Marathon. My family cheering me on, so proud of me and I was so happy achieving a long time goal. I used the opportunity to raise over Β£1,000 for a heartfelt charity, Alzheimer’s Research UK. I would relish the opportunity to be trained by the experts and demonstrate that even in your 50s you can be fit and fast. I would like to learn how to run faster and I would share my jovial, encouraging and determined nature with the team. I simply love running and the freedom it brings to my busy life!”

What does it mean to you to be in the top 24?

“After an amazing experience at Bootcamp last Friday with my fellow sub 4.30s, I never thought I would actually be selected, although I always held out hope! So now to actually be in the top 5, it is super exciting and very surreal, also it means I go up a notch in “coolness” in the eyes of my teenage daughters. On a serious note, with the expertise of the Runner’s World coaches behind me I actually already feel that I can achieve more than I ever have with regards to running. I have always been envious of people that actually run marathons rather than plod and now that could actually be me! What I will bring to the team is quite simply me; committed, fun, motivated, easily excitable with a sense of awe and definite pride, looking forward to being part of the Asics 26.2 2015 team and the journey that lies ahead.”